Mirror Neurons: Data Points

Giacomo Rizzolatti is one of the neuroscientists involved in the mirror neuron “ah ha” moment that resulted from a study in Italy of the macaque monkey.

Mirror neurons – they conjure for me images of neurons firing, with those neurons being reflected in a house of mirrors, resulting in the neurons “seeing themselves” firing, which result in the mirroring of those neurons seeing themselves firing, and so on and so on, like the process of recursion in computer programming.

Neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandran believes that

“the discovery of mirror neurons in the frontal lobes of monkeys, and their potential relevance to human brain evolution … is the single most important ‘unreported’ (or at least, unpublicized) story of the decade.”

He articulates this position in an essay at The Third Culture entitled MIRROR NEURONS and imitation learning as the driving force behind “the great leap forward” in human evolution.

The 2005 virtual workshop What do Mirror Neurons Mean? addressed “the theoretical implications of the discovery of mirror neurons.”

And for further explanation of mirror neurons, visit the AlphaPsy site for Mirror-Neurons: A Primer.


2 thoughts on “Mirror Neurons: Data Points

  1. Mike+

    I am fascinated by the mirror neurons lately as well, and have included a couple of these essays plus others on my own site under “Online Essays” (right column). Thanks for the essays and links I didn’t have!

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