Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
You see yourself, staring back at your “me”.

Have you heard of Mirror Neurons? In January, 2005, NOVA Science Now broadcast a piece on the brain’s system of mirror neurons. A year later, in January 2006, the Science section of the New York Times published the article, Cells That Read Minds.

The Marx Brothers were way ahead of the curve, however, with the inclusion in their 1933 movie, Duck Soup, of this famous Mirror Scene, which provides an introduction (of sorts) to mirror neurons.

A computer screen’s content is set to mirror its display, a brother mimics the behavior of his sister, a child repeats an adult comment they overhear – using the same tone of voice and mannerisms as the adult, and this summer, every time my husband and I arrived at our local outdoor pool to swim in the empty lap lanes, another swimmer would seem to decide as we arrived that they, too, were going for a swim.

The power of suggestion is strong. Just think about what happens when you go out to eat with several people. Does everyone wind up ordering a different meal, or are there overlaps? Then the dinner conversation commences, and opinions emerge. If you didn’t have an opinion on a topic that is discussed, do you find yourself adopting another person’s point of view?


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