Smart Reflections.2 – The Content

Via email and conversation, I received a bit of informal feedback on the opening faculty meeting afternoon activity. Most of the folks providing this feedback were rather positive about the possibilities of the SMART Board.

Comments about the content came not via email but rather from the reflections pages of the SMART Board activity. These comments were either introspective (applying the content to one’s own teaching style), factual (restating something learned in the activity), or empathetic (thinking about the students they teach and the students portrayed in some of the online movies). However, one colleague mentioned in conversation that modeling use of the SMART Board was useful but the content and application of brain research was not something of practical interest.

Below are two Reflections pages, each from a different group.

I have my own reflections from this activity. For eighteen days in June, I pondered how to best utilize the SMART Board for conveying information about the brain and how we learn. I wanted the final activity to be interactive and informative while demonstrating a variety of SMART Board techniques. And I envisioned the activity modeling what it was trying to teach.

As I put the activity together, I wrote about it on this blog, and included in the posts research and links supporting the rationale and content of each page in the SMART Board presentation. This creative process was exhilarating, and certainly supports Bob Greenleaf’s comment that the one who does the work is the one who learns.

There is no doubt that I solidified and increased my knowledge from the process of preparing the content and activity, but what did I learn from the process of carrying out the activity – both in assisting the presenters with their preparation and from the actual carrying out of the activity? More on that in my next post.


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