SMART Reflections.1

Bob Greenleaf, of Greenleaf Learning, was our opening day speaker, and the SMARTBoard activity done the afternoon prior was designed to prepare faculty for his talk. In general, it seems the activity was well received, with some folks preferring the SMARTBoard component, others preferring the actual content, and still others finding both equally useful.

In his presentation, Greenleaf talked about the need for intermittent reflection to capture thoughts and ideas about whatever it is you are wondering. Ideally, after writing out your reflection, you would turn to a neighbor and share what you wrote, thus provoking a brief discussion as each of you share. This process takes your receptive network (the state you are in while listening or doing) and refocuses it on your expressive network (the state of discussing or explaining). Taking a minute to switch and engage different networks helps to process the information to long–term memory.


During the activity there were several opportunities to come to the SMARTBoard and write something about the portion of the activity that just took place. The directions at the top of the screen read: Stretch, chat, have a snack, and take a minute or two to come to the board and write anything you’d like to remember about what you just did. The image above is typical of the reflections written about the actual use of the SMARTBoard.


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