Seeing Is Believing

A search for “how the brain sees” turned up Harvard research on just that – studying the brain as it is seeing. You can read the text or even better, watch the movie and see the brain light up as it is seeing.

How do the eyes and brain do their job? Of all my senses, I find sight the most intriguing because our eyeballs are so different from the rest of our body, which is coated in skin, nails and hair. I can look at those parts of my body and begin to understand them, but unless I look in a mirror, I cannot watch my eyes as they perform their job.

Tutis Vilis, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, has an amazing set of Flash movies available online for his graduate courses. For the purposes of this post, I steer you to The Physiology of the Senses beginning with The Eye. Indeed, we have a very complex system that allows us “to see”.

KidsHealth provides another look at how the eye works, written in an accessible style that is not overly medical: A Big Look at the Eye.

p.s. Posted in Amsterdam from the home of friends. I was last here some thirty years ago but have very little visual memory of the city. My friends say it has changed substantially since then!


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