Back to Basics

I will soon be heading off on vacation, and am hoping to continue posting while away. Frequency of posts will be completely dependent upon access to the Internet. So, why would I want to continue posting while on vacation? I like keeping the thread going.

In the past two years, I (re)learned how to draw by taking Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain workshops, (here are my sketches from this past February’s one-day Sketching Session). Looking forward to sketching my way through this newest adventure, I anticipate that the very act of sketching will get me thinking about my brain, and how the art of seeing and drawing are related to my emotional and cognitive response. With that in mind, I have been writing about how the brain makes sense of seeing, and several posts are just waiting for me to have computer access during my travels.

Lest I not have Internet access often enough to post, the following two web sites will keep you busy and are packed with substantial information about the brain. The second one has been cited several times as links within my posts, and if I were teaching a class about the brain both sites would figure heavily into such a course.

brain-top-to-bottom.pngThe Brain From Top To Bottom! is a well-organized museum/presentation on the web, available in English or French. It is organized by topic, level of explanation (beginner, intermediate and advanced), level of organization (molecular, cellular, neurological, psychological or social), modules (experiments, history, tools, research, and links to other sites) and a guided tour. It is among the more comprehensive, accessible, organized online approaches to the brain that I have yet to find, right up there with Neuroscience For Kids, of which portions are also available in other languages. neuroscience.png
Neuroscience For Kids is organized into ten sections plus many experiments that can be done with students in elementary through secondary school. There is also an entertaining Q&A section, a newsletter and a number of other available resources.


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