Closure with a smile :-)

sm-finished.png Click to see a full size Closure screen.

I enjoy closure, that act of wrapping up the details and having a sense of completion. I like organization and having things in their place. I also like mucking about in the mud and feeling the dirt in my fingernails.

Come next August, I will let you know if the approximately 140 faculty at my school enjoyed mucking about with this exercise. My goal was to design a ninety minute activity for groups of ten that would:

• break the ice
• help folks get to know one another
• prepare everyone for Robert Greenleaf, the next day’s speaker
• get people thinking about memory and learning
• be interactive and engaging
• be fun!

As you read this post or any of the previous sixteen, if you have any comments or suggestions for improving the activity, please free free to leave a comment. I will surely check over the activity again in August before we jump in!

This is the seventeenth and final post of this series, and for further information about the series please read Closings and Openings.


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