Terry Lankutis, on the LD Resources community site, details the process of writing in her article The Hundred Steps to Writing. Just reading her task analysis of the steps involved, beginning with choosing and locating a writing implement, and I cannot but help appreciate the range (from easy delight to anxious panic) that folks could go through each time they try to engage with the writing process. It’s definitely not at all a simple task for someone with a learning difference.

sm-writing.pngThough I hope faculty choose to do them all, this is one of three optional simulations, all on the Misunderstood Minds/PBS site. These activities may remind faculty of what it is like to have to combine the physical act of writing while balancing at the same time having to think about their content and also the rules of writing. You can see the full size Writing screen here.

Additional Resources
• National Center for Learning Disabilities – Dysgraphia
• Tools for Life – Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technologies – Writing
ViaVoice – voice recognition software for Macs and Windows
Dragon Naturally Speaking – voice recognition for Windows only

This is the fourteenth of about twenty or fewer posts, and for further information about this series please read Closings and Openings. As you follow the development of this activity, please feel free to chime in with suggestions or questions.


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