When doing a search for “paying attention”, the very first hit turned up Paying attention in the classroom from the Study Guides and Strategies site. Further exploration showed this to be a wonderfully informative, straightforward, friendly toned site, and I quite enjoyed reading about the author, Joe Landsberger. I guess you could say this is a perfect example of how emotion impacted my actions, because here I am mentioning him in my post thanks to the impressions made by the general tone of his writing, and his travel philosophy, beginning with the Peace Corps.

Had I been a student who had set off to do research on attention, it is clear that I would have been distracted by this new finding about the author. How much time would I have spent exploring before realizing (if at all) that I was off track! Luckily, I am an adult and had plenty of time to spare in following this engaging new path.

sm-attention.pngIn this second simulation (see the full size Attention screen here), faculty are asked to ponder what it is like for a student with an attention distraction by engaging in some of the activities on the Misunderstood Minds/PBS page about attention.

This is the twelfth of about twenty or fewer posts, and for further information about this series please read Closings and Openings. As you follow the development of this activity, please feel free to chime in with suggestions or questions!


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