the name of the game is Concentration

sm-uncovered-matches.png As a kid I used to watch the television show Concentration, and this exercise is based on memories of that show. The image at the right is of a screen initially covered with ten white rectangles, with each one hiding one of the ten text blocks. Keeping in mind that the activity is being done on a SMART Board, when someone applies pressure to a rectangle, that rectangle will become transparent allowing you to see the text hidden behind it. Anytime a match is found, the two rectangles hiding the text are deleted by the person who made the match. And this is what the entire screen would look like when all the matches are uncovered. Two of the text blocks also have accompanying songs. Click to see a full size version of the uncovered Concentration screen.

As I recall from the tv game show, matching squares would uncover a portion of a rebus to be solved. My version is much simpler! A match consists of two rectangles with related information. Anytime a match is made, the text is deleted to uncover a portion of an image which is hidden behind all of the text. Given that this exercise will be done at the end of a day that began with lots of talks about general school information, and during those talks everyone will remain quietly seated in a large auditorium, the goal of this exercise is for some shake, rattle and roll to happen!

small-totally-exposed.png By game’s end the entire image will be exposed. Part of this “game” deals with the content, but a larger part deals with the activity itself. To play involves movement (getting up out of your seat to come to the board), tactile interaction with the board (using fingers to tap, press, and move items on the screen), communication (with everyone else in the room), listening to evocative music, trying to focus on the content while (hopefully) having fun, and channeling an outlet for the emotions associated with the start of a new school year. Click to see a full size version of the Brain screen.

This is the seventh of about twenty or fewer posts and for further information about this series, please read Closings and Openings. As you follow the development of this activity, please feel free to chime in with suggestions or questions!


4 thoughts on “the name of the game is Concentration

  1. synapsesensations Post author

    Hi Paula,
    I will email you directly but wanted to post here for others who may have a similar question. It turns out that I used an older version of the notebook software. Sadly, for unknown reasons, in more current versions of the software the feature is no longer implemented. The feature allowed for the creation of a solid graphic that, upon pressing, would become transparent and reveal anything hidden underneath.

    At present the only alternative I know of is to have students do one of two things. One is to have them move the top object out of the way to reveal what is hidden beneath. The other is to have them change the transparency. Neither is ideal because it adds additional steps to the process.

    If anyone knows of another, easier way to do this, please let us know 🙂
    Cheers, Laurie

  2. Paula Conley

    I would like to make a Concentration game for my remedial reading students to use in learning prefixes/suffixes. Your set-up looks like exactly what I need. I do have a SmartBoard, but I was wondering what program you used to create your boxes. Any information you would be willing to share would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  3. synapsesensations Post author

    Hi Mrs Morrow,
    Thanks for you comment. I sent you an email with more detailed information about how the rectangles fade away. Yes, I did create the activity in the Notebook and would be happy to share it with you upon completion, which should be within the week.

  4. Mrs. Morrow

    Pretty neat use of the SMART Board! How do the rectangles fade away when someone presses on one? Did you create this activity in Notebook? Would you be willing to share the file completely put together?

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