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Memory and learning is the underlying theme for next year’s professional development. The screen below is the opening for a ninety-minute activity that opening.png will involve between thirteen and fifteen groups of no more than ten per group. Faculty will have just returned from summer and sat through a morning of business information sessions followed by lunch.

Within the groups of ten there will be folks who are brand new to the school, some who may be brand new to teaching, and others who already know one another and are familiar with the routines of our school. My task is to design an activity that will:

• break the ice
• help folks get to know one another
• prepare everyone for the next day’s speaker
• get people thinking about memory and learning
• be interactive and engaging
• be fun!

In addition to my interest in the brain, I am also a computer teacher and one of my titles is Technology Training Coordinator. With that in mind, I am designing the activity to be done on a SMART Board to get everyone involved in tinkering with these interactive white boards, of which my school has about forty.

The screen shot above is of the Sign In screen. Using the SMART Board markers, faculty are asked to write their names, the subject and grade they teach, and something by which everyone else can remember them. They are then asked to quietly read over the list but NOT introduce themselves orally yet (that will happen soon :-), and proceed to the next screen when everyone is ready.

Heads up that this is the first of about twenty or fewer posts that will detail the activity as it gets designed. Each post will contain a screen shot, a rationale, and a description of what faculty will be asked to do. As you follow the development of this activity, please feel free to chime in with suggestions or questions!

Cilck to see a full size version of the Sign In screen shot.


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