Closings and Openings

The last day of school is today. That might seem early but ours is an independent school and classes end about a week ahead of the local public schools. Already next year is on my mind, though, because I have been set the task of planning an activity for our opening faculty meetings.

In August, Robert Greenleaf is going to speak on the second morning of our opening faculty meetings. I have attended a two-part workshop of his and from that experience know he is an engaging speaker. He synthesizes current brain research and accessibly shares strategies for reaching a diverse set of learners.

Over the summer our faculty will read Greenleaf’s book, Brain Based Teaching: Making Connections for Long-Term Memory & Recall. My idea is to prepare an interactive ninety-minutes of icebreakers and simulations designed to assist groups of ten people with getting to know one another, and in the process think about their own learning and that of their students. This will conclude the first day of meetings, and Robert Greenleaf will begin the second day.

I invite you to provide suggestions and commentary on the ideas to come. Each subsequent post will share a component of the ninety-minute session. The focus will be on memory and learning, and is being planned for display on a SMART Board, so screen shots will be provided.

Meanwhile, a hearty thank you to those who have already left comments on previous posts.


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