I teach computer classes to middle schoolers and maintain a bulletin board chock full of computer related humor. In the center is posted the rationale for the humor: science has shown if you smile or laugh wide enough to crinkle the corners of your eyes your body will release chemicals that make you feel good. Laughter IS good for you 🙂 (Check out the U of E link below for more details.) Ah, endorphin, one of the “feel good” triplets, along with serotonin and dopamine.

Not only does endorphin’s release make you feel good, but it also acts as a natural pain killer.Undergrads at the University of Edinburgh have put together an information site that sets to answer the query “Does Exercise promote good health?” Of particular interest is the page How Does Exercise Affect Our Mood?, which contains lots of information on endorphins and their stress relieving, pain killing, positive feeling impact. The Molecular Expressions site, noted for “exploring the world of optics and microscopy”, has some colorful images along with explanatory text in its Endorphin Collection. Just looking at the colorful images of endorphins might cause you to smile, which should remind you of endorphin’s feel good benefits.


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