swf Splat fla

To explain what may seem like a random posting….

I teach several classes on Flash, Adobe’s (nee Macromedia’s) animation program, and I am a visual learner. The combination explains why I tend to collect Flash movies but not just any Flash movies. My preference is for movies that in some manner make use of drawing.

For the uninitiated, .fla is the Flash file that is initially created, saved and can still be edited, while .swf is the ShockWave file that results from testing out the Flash movie, is posted on the web, and cannot be edited. And Splat, well, that’s what happens when the can of paint falls over 😉

Here are some favorite .swfs. If you know of others in this vein, please do share the links in comments. Thanks.

p.s. If you are interested in learning more about Flash, please visit my Flash wiki, designed to be a guide through beginning animation and action scripting, as well as a place for my students to post their questions and creations.

Jackson Pollack – move your cursor around; click to change color; press any key to see the designer
Body Sketch – artistic figure drawing [If this link does not take you to the figure drawing, please use this URL: http://fcmx.net/vec/get.swf?i=003702%5D
Animator vs. Animation by Alan Becker – very clever


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