Brain Stats

The human brain is fascinating! Soft and mushy, it is bigger than it appears at first glance, with the cerebral cortex about the size of a large pizza pie when spread out. And inside the brain are chemical and electrical processing plants that are continually engaged in reactions and firings, even during our sleeping sessions.

The brain’s vital stats include:brain4.jpg

• 1,000 trillion nerve connections based on 100 billion nerve cells
• about 3 pounds (between 1300 and 1400 grams) tissue
• 75 percent water
• 10 percent fat
• 8 percent protein
• makes up less than 2 1/2 percent of the body’s weight yet uses 20 percent of the body’s energy
• contains about 100 billion neurons

What’s the lure of the brain to me? I am a parent, a teacher, and the daughter of a father who has Alzheimers. I know that we all have uniquely wired brains which change over time. I am a fan of seeing how we can apply current brain research to learning, teaching and aging.

Places to learn more about the brain
Neuroscience for Kids
Stanford University: The HOPES Brain Tutorial
PBS Special – The Secret Life of the Brain

Current research on how the brain works
Learning & the Brain conference
University of California, San Diego: Grey Matters – From Molecules to Mind

And check out an eye-opening video Peek Inside the Human Head at National Geographic News.


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